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Koala Research

Koala Research

As the world’s first and largest koala sanctuary, we have contributed to the publication of numerous research articles. Dedicated to improving our knowledge of this iconic marsupial, we will continue to support research investigating koala behaviour, disease and infection, anatomy, physiology, captive management, nutrition, reproduction and development.

Dating back to the early 1990’s, some of the key projects we’ve been involved in include:

1990 – Growth & development captive management guide
1995 – Discovery of new koala gut bacterial species ‘Lonepinella koalarum’
1998 – First koala born following artificial insemination
2000 – Establishing & managing eucalyptus plantations
2007 – Sexual behaviour & vocalisations in captive female koalas
2012 – Acoustic analysis: Investigating koala vocalisations
2014 – Significant contribution to the development of Chlamydia vaccine

Check out some of our recent works below, or visit our research site for free access to our additional resource hub.