Animal Sponsorships

Sponsoring a Lone Pine animal is the perfect way to support not only our wildlife but also their wild counterparts.

Your sponsorship will help support all animals within the Lone Pine family, including your chosen individual. Sponsorships are a one-off payment of just $20.

Your Support Will Go Towards:

  • Providing 24/7 veterinary care
  • Maintaining healthy, varied diets and enrichment activities
  • Maintaining our three eucalyptus plantations
  • Continuing exhibit and environment maintenance and improvements
  • Contributing to research and conservation efforts

What’s Included:

  • Digital Sponsorship Certificate 
  • Species Information Sheet


Meet Pluto, our soon-to-be boss of the mob.  He is a red kangaroo who has very handsome facial features.  He enjoys neck rubs and long naps in the sun.


Tilly was born in October, 2023. She is adventurous, outgoing and curious but surprisingly shy in new environments. She is pretty interactive with the keepers and likes to know what they are up to.


Brodie was given a permanent home at Lone Pine in August 2023. Brodie was born in the wild and came into care in May 2023 after being hit by a car. Brodie is an adorable, endearing koala. He has a calm nature and has settled into his new surroundings well.


Born on the 6th of August, 2019 Stirling is a social butterfly and just wants to be everyone’s best mate. He loves to stand beside his keepers while they clean his exhibit, and when out on walks, always makes a beeline for staff and guests to say hello!


Meet Hendrix, our very handsome male perentie, who arrived at Lone Pine in March 2019. Hendrix is extremely intelligent and is the process of learning to walk on a harness for enriching adventures.

Hendrix enjoys nothing more than basking in the sunshine and getting some chest scratches from his keepers.


Aroona is one of our male platypus, born on the 1st of October 2012. Aroona is a speedy little lad, both in the water and on land. He loves chasing crayfish in his tank, and always travels through his burrow network in record speed, before snuggling up in his den for a nap.

You can easily identify Aroona by his smooth, perfectly brown bill, as opposed to Barak’s which has pink pigmentation.


There is only one word to sum up Bella: sweet.

Born January 2013, Bella is a gentle and curious soul who loves to follow around her keepers while they are cleaning. She is harness trained and enjoys going out on regular walks with her keepers to explore, sometimes even taking them for a jog!

Whether out and about, or taking a nap, Bella is sure to melt your heart.


Meet Spirit, the wedge-tailed eagle. Spirit was originally brought into care from the wild after being struck by a car. His injuries meant that he couldn’t be released, but he still gets to fly every day as one of the stars of our Free Flight Raptor Show.

Spirit is a serious boy, but has a definite soft side and likes the occasional head scratch from his keepers. Spirit arrived at Lone Pine in November 2004.

Upon payment of your sponsorship, you will receive an email confirmation receipt. Our team will be in touch shortly after, via email with your sponsorship certificate. 

When you do visit, be sure to ask one of our friendly wildlife team members to point out your sponsored animal, so that you can say hello.