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About Us

Our Vision

To be a world-leading organisation of knowledge and inspiration for social growth and environmental action.

Our Mission

To inspire individuals and communities to live in balance with the natural world.


Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary opened in 1927 as a safe refuge for sick, injured, and orphaned koalas, at a time when the species was being culled for the fur trade. Founder, Claude Reid, recognised something had to be done to help protect one of Australia’s most iconic species.

Today, Lone Pine remains as a destination for local and international guests to not only see native Australian animals, but to also connect and learn, and to leave feeling inspired to make small, positive changes in their daily lives to help protect their own native wildlife and habitats.

We are committed to maximising the positive environmental and social impacts of our operations. We achieve this through water and energy efficiency, biodiversity, communication and planning.

Through cooperation with our employees, suppliers and customers, we aim to set a new standard in environmental wildlife management. This will contribute to building a stronger Lone Pine and a safer, cleaner, more sustainable Australia.

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