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Vision & Mission

About Us

Our Vision

Inspire individuals and communities to live in balance with the natural world.

Our Mission

To protect, respect and conserve our environment and wildlife, by educating and connecting people with nature.

Core Values

At Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, we feel it is important to outline our expectations among all team members. We embrace the CATER Core Values, developed by our internal Values Committee, and live by these values to foster and promote our culture and behaviours. We hope that as guests to the sanctuary, you also experience these values during your time with us.


Through transparent, open and compassionate communication, we are committed to building strong relationships.


We will take ownership and be held accountable for our actions, performance and behaviour in the fulfilment of our responsibilities and commitments.


Our team mentality extends to the support of each other, our animals, our suppliers, and the delivery of exceptional guest experiences.


We embrace change and continual learning. We are committed through a growth mindset to educate ourselves, our visitors, and the wider communities we interact with.


We seek an inclusive and welcoming environment for all through behaviours that show empathy and respect for others.