Lone Pine Nursery

With Australian native plants becoming ever more popular, their versatility means that they can be easily incorporated into any style of garden.

At the Lone Pine Nursery, you will find Australian native plants to suit every layer of your garden. Once established they require minimal effort and provide suitable habitat, shelter and food for a variety of local wildlife.

Native Plants are available for sale from Riverside Café.

Small $10, Large $15

Growing Plants to Attract Wildlife

Establishing a native flora garden is a great way to provide a natural source of food for Australian wildlife. Our guide below can help to equip you with all the information that you need to pick the right plants for your garden environment. There are some key factors to consider: What is the fertility of the soil where you are planting, does the area of the garden receive much sun or shade, will the plants be exposed to windy conditions, salt spray and what plants work well when grouped together.

Fun Facts

Australia has 24,000 species of native plants, all of which help to provide food and shelter for our koalas, birds, native bees and many more.

The Eucalypts species (Gum Tree) is the most popular and commonly known Australian native plant.

Australia has 2000 species of native bees.

Caterpillars have one job – to eat! They can (and will) eat every edible part of a plant.

Zosterophylis was one of the earliest Australian plant families to colonise on earth. Now extinct, their descendents live on as part of Australia’s modern flora.


How You can Help

Australian native plants will look beautiful in your garden, but they serve a much bigger purpose.

As our cities continue to sprawl outwards, half of our native wildlife is now living on the urban fringe. You can provide safe shelter and a source of food, and play a part in the protection of Australia’s plants and wildlife.


Choose Plants that are native to your area

When choosing your plant species, make sure that you check if it is native to your area. If you contact your local council or nursery, they should be able to let you know.


What animals will they attract?

 Depending on the species that you plant, you will attract a variety of wildlife with your Australian plants. Here are some examples:

Fruit & Nuts – Possums, bats and birds

Nectar – Bees, butterflies and birds

Seeds – Finches

Foliage – Possums and insects (which in turn provide an important food source for birds and other native species).


Meet the team

Our Grounds and Gardening Team have been working hard to bring you our brand new project, Lone Pine Nursery. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience around plant care and maintenance.