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Bush Stone-Curlew

Burhinus grallarius

Class: Aves       
Diet: Omnivore
Age: Up to 20 years      
Weight: Up to 670g
Height: Up to 60cm
Reproduction: Egg-laying
Status: Least concern (however, is listed as endangered in some local council areas)

Bush Stone-curlews (also known as the Bush Thick-knees) emerge at dusk, walking or flying out to forage either on land or in water. These ground-dwelling birds are omnivores, feeding primarily on insects, molluscs, lizards and seeds.

During the day, bush stone-curlews roost on the ground, relying on their cryptic plumage to protect them from predators. When disturbed, they freeze motionless, often in odd-looking postures, and may let of a low ‘growling’ sound as a means to intimidate or ward off any posing threats.

Bush stone-curlews are listed as Least Concern; however, their population is declining, particularly in the southern parts of Australia. Habitat destruction, as well as fox and cat predation, are major threats to this species.