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During the last 12 months, the Green Team recorded waste types in all sanctuary bins. The waste was then sorted into categories to find what types of waste we most commonly have.

It was found that our largest types of waste were food scraps, green waste and co-mingled waste. We researched local bin companies with the best environmental policies and it was identified that Veolia has a methane extraction system which caps landfills and extracts the methane to convert into power for 2,500 houses. This is a great solution for the types of waste that are unable to be reused, recycled or refused, and is one reason we signed on with this company in 2017.

Recycling coffee cups

Millions of single-use coffee cups are sent to landfill each year in Australia. There is a large push to use reusable coffee cups – such as Lone Pine’s rice husk mug – however, takeaway coffee cups still play a big part in the convenience of our lives. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is proud to be the world’s first zoo or sanctuary to become a Simply Cups ambassador.

It has never been easier to recycle your takeaway coffee cups. Simply tip, slip and flip any paper coffee cup at our Riverside Cafe.

Tip your coffee waste into the general waste bin,
Slip your used takeaway coffee cup into the collection tube, and
Flip your lid into the recycling bin.

From here, the coffee cups are transferred to a processing plant where the paper and plastic components are separated and recycled.

Do you have a business that would like to join the movement and help to close the loop on coffee cups? Contact Simply Cups on  or (03) 9684 4600.