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Stingless Bees

Tetragonula carbonaria

Class: Insecta       
Lifespan: Between 21 and 100 days               
Diet: Pollen & nectar                         
Length: Approx. 4mm                        
Reproduction: Egg-laying (larvae)   
Status: Not listed

There are over 1,600 known species of native bees in Australia, of which 11 species are stingless. Stingless bees are harmless to humans
and can be great pollinators for backyard gardens.
Instead of honeycombs, stingless bees store honey in clusters of small pots which resemble bunches of grapes.

They are found mostly in northern and eastern areas of Australia. Attract these pollinating powerhouses to your garden by planting nectar-rich flowering plants such as eucalyptus gum blossoms, bottlebrush and grevillea. Due to their peculiar habit of collecting human sweat, Stingless Bees are sometimes called ‘Sweat Bees’.