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Southern Koala

Phascolarctos cinereus victor

Class: Mammalia
Lifespan: Up to 15 years        
Diet: Herbivore      
Weight: Up to 15kg
Height: Up to 82cm                               
Reproduction: Live birth
Status: Vulnerable

Although there is only one species of koala, there are two distinct physical variations across the geographic range of koalas; northern and southern koalas. Southern koalas are found in Victoria and South Australia, whereas northern koalas are found in Queensland and New South Wales.

Compared to their northern cousins, southern koalas are much larger in size, weighing up to 9kgs for females and 15kg for males. Instead of short fur, they have a longer and denser coat, usually brown-grey in colour, predominantly to keep them warm in the southern winter months.

Outside of physical differences, both variations of koala are very similar in terms of breeding and reproduction, diet, and behaviour.