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Koala Hugger Pin

AUD $7.95AUD $14.95

Small Tokens, Big Gratitude.

#LonePineKoala hugger pins have just arrived and these special little tokens can make a BIG difference!

As the world’s first and largest koala sanctuary, Lone Pine is a leader in animal welfare, research & expertise, but with 2020 being a very challenging year, we need your support to continue this work.

Proceeds from every koala hugger pin will go directly towards crucial items of need, in addition to providing ongoing, high-quality care for our 400 animals, plus our sick, injured & orphaned wildlife hospital patients.

Help us reach our first target of $20,000 which will fund the below items for 12 months:

  • Feed for our small mammals (echidnas, wombats, devils, platypus)
  • Koala flu vaccinations
  • Kangaroo tetanus vaccinations
  • Service of hospital anaesthetic machines
  • Koala supplementary paste (for ill or aging koalas)
  • Syringes for feeding koala paste
  • Oral pain relief for wildlife hospital patients

The need for your support is a timeless one – and this small gesture, with your helping hands, will help us keep protecting and caring for the animals we love most.

You can have your pin mailed out to you (within Australia or overseas), or if you’re nearby, you are welcome to collect it from our office.
Our gold pins are a limited batch, so get your hands on one before they sell out!



Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is an Australian Proprietary Limited company and not registered as a not-for-profit organisation. All donations made are non-tax deductible. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is the beneficiary of all donations, with proceeds used for the animals in their care, wildlife research, conservation and in specific cases third party not-for-profit organisations. Lone Pine will, at all times, remain transparent as to where proceeds from each campaign will be distributed.