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Organisation Projects

Survey of native dung beetles in Queensland

Dr Geoff Montieth, Queensland Museum Honorary Research Associate, Queensland Museum

For many years, Geoff has researched and surveyed native dung beetles in Queensland, developing a database of approximately 100,000 specimens of native dung beetles, forming a biological mapping resource of national importance. For his research, Geoff collected fresh macropod faeces from our Kangaroo Reserve to use as bait when surveying beetles across four research sites.

Training of conservation detection dogs

Dennis Gannaway, Bellden Environmental Services

Conservation detection dogs play a very important role in detecting a range of wildlife and pest species throughout natural areas.

For several years, Lone Pine has been supplying Dennis with a steady supply of koala faeces for the purpose of training detection dogs to locate koalas in the wild. The dogs need to not only differentiate koala scats from other species, but also be able to identify scents based on different dietary habits or age (freshness) of the scat.

The work of detection dogs helps determine the presence (or absence) of certain species within an area, and to some extent, their distribution and movements