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Major Mitchell Cockatoo

Lophochroa leadbeateri

Class: Aves       
Diet: Herbivore
Lifespan: Up to 60 years
Weight: Up to 450g      
Height: Up to 40cm
Reproduction: Egg-laying         
Status: Not listed         

Often called a pink cockatoo due to its soft pink body colouring, the Major Mitchell cockatoo is in fact named after Major Thomas Mitchell, who was a surveyor and explorer of South-east Australia during the 1800’s.

At times, Major Mitchell cockatoos will feed on various insects, however, their diet primarily consists of over 30 species of plants including wattles, hakeas, grevilleas and pines throughout their shrub and woodland habitat.

During the mating season, males attract females by strutting along branches bobbing their heads with their chests raised. Like many Australian cockatoos, adult pairs mate for life and return to the same breeding grounds year after year.