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Little Red Flying Fox

Pteropus scapulatus

Class: Mammalia
Lifespan: Up to 30 years        
Diet: Omnivore      
Weight: Up to 600g
Height: Up to 23.5cm
Speed: Up to 40km/h                            
Reproduction: Live birth
Status: Not listed

The little red flying fox is a megachiropteran bat, weighing apporximately half a kilogram (only one US pound!). They are the smallest species of Pteropus found on the Australian mainland. Little reds are native to northern and eastern Australia.

Little red flying-foxes are important pollinators of Australia’s flowering eucalypts, and seem to prefer the nectar and pollen of eucalyptus blossoms over other flowers and fruit.

Little reds fly further inland than other Australian bat species in search of flowering eucalyptus and are essential in maintaining the health and biodiversity of our bushland. They play a crucial role in the growth and rejuvenation of eucalypt forests, which of course are the only source of food and shelter for koalas.

Flying foxes live together in groups known as camps. A camp of little red flying-foxes can be home to more than one-hundred-thousand bats.