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Lace Monitor

Varanus varius

Class: Reptilla
Lifespan: Up to 40 years   
Diet: Carnivore   
Weight: Up to 34g              
Height: Up to 2.1m                            
Reproduction: Egg-laying  

Lace monitors are sometimes called the ‘tree goanna’ due to their exceptional climbing abilities. These lizards rely on tree hollows for shelter, although hollow logs and burrows on the ground may also be used. If alarmed, lace monitors are likely to scurry up the nearest tree using their enormously powerful claws.

Lace monitors are carnivores, preying on birds, mammals, lizards, eggs and insects. These large lizards will even scavenge around picnic and camping grounds in search of the next meal.

Female lace monitors use termite mounds to incubate their eggs by tearing a hole in the side of the mounds. Once the eggs are laid inside, the termites then rebuild their mound, safely sealing the eggs inside. The termites also help create a perfect temperature for the eggs and a tasty food source for the newly hatched young.
Large monitors are considered to have high intelligence; almost as high as that of mammals.