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Sanctuary Sprouts

Age requirements: 2-5 year olds


  • 45-minute guided experience with an Education Officer
  • Private, up-close animal encounters

Product specific T&Cs will also apply

Availability: June/July School Holidays 2022

Thursday 30/06 – ‘Sounds of the Sanctuary’

9:30am – 10pax

11:00am – 10pax

From the laughing kookaburra to the snarl of a Tasmanian devil, we have some very noisy residents at Lone Pine! Join us as we learn about the different ‘Sounds of the Sanctuary’ and uncover why animals make certain noises. We will play a noisy game, make an animal ears craft, and meet an unexpectedly noisy animal (a koala, and if you’ve never heard what they sound like, be prepared to find out!). 

Wednesday 6/07 – ‘Feathered Friends’

9:30am – 10pax

11:00am – 10pax

Feathers come on all different shapes, sizes, and colours, and so do the amazing birds who wear them! Join us as we explore how feathers help birds (hint – they aren’t JUST for flying!). We will also meet two different feathered friends and make a bird craft to take home. We hope you flock to join us!