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Green Shop

Green Shop

Lone Pine is now home to a ‘Green Shop’ which is a range of sustainable products to encourage easy, cheap and fun sustainable switches.

The first item in the shop was our rice husk mug, which is made from the by-product of rice and held together using tree sap. This reusable mug is sold at our gift shop and at the Riverside Café. We have a number of yearly pass members who return to the coffee shop with their rice husk mug and reduce the reliance on single-use paper cups.

Lone Pine’s sustainable range broadened to include a notebook. The earth-friendly notebook was created using recycled paper, carbon-neutral and responsible forestry practice approved cover, all manufactured in Australia. The cover artwork is inspired by Australia’s natural beauty, and the pages are filled with our favourite Frontiers of Science comics and inspirational quotes.

Our most recent addition to the shop is a solar-powered solar tree. This is a series of 9 solar panels displayed on a bamboo frame in the design of a tree. Solar energy is a sustainable and renewable energy source which can produce power efficiently and also does not produce pollution. Just as real trees use photosynthesis to produce energy from the sun, water, and soil, the Solar Tree uses the sun to produce energy in the form of electricity. This can be used to charge a range of devices including tablets and mobile phones.

We also have a range of transportable solar chargers, rechargeable batteries and solar-powered battery chargers.