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Wedge-Tailed Eagle
Aquila audax

The wedge-tailed eagle is characterised by its wedge-shaped tail and enormous wingspan, and is Australia’s largest bird of prey.

Their diet consists of rabbits, birds, reptiles and other mammals as well as carrion (roadkill and carcasses).  Wedge-tailed eagles catch their prey with their long, powerful talons (claws), and then tear it into smaller pieces using their hooked beaks.

Wedge-tailed eagles are found throughout Australia. They enjoy soaring on air currents for hours at a time, reaching altitudes higher than 2000 metres. Their keen eyesight extends into the infrared and ultraviolet bands. This helps them locate prey as well as see rising thermals, which they can use to gain altitude in the sky while expending little energy.

Attend our Free Flight Raptor Show at 10:30am and 12:30pm daily for a chance to see our eagles in flight. You can also see ‘Talon’ on ‘Eagle Island’. Due to injuries sustained in the wild, he never regained flight and now lives at Lone Pine.

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