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Dacelo novaeguineae

The laughing kookaburra’s call is used to define territories and is often sung in chorus with family members.

Kookaburras are the world’s largest kingfisher species and can live up to 20 years.

Kookaburras are monogamous, meaning they pair up for life. They build their nests in tree hollows or termite mounds. During the breeding season (September to January) one to five eggs are laid. They hatch after 25 days. When the young have left the nest, they will stay within the same area to help raise the next clutch of chicks. These helpers are non-breeders; it is only the senior pairs that breed.

Like most kingfishers, the laughing kookaburra has a large beak and uses it to catch lizards, frogs, insects, rodents, worms and small snakes. To kill its prey, the bird either bashes it against a tree branch or drops it from a height. The prey is then swallowed whole.

Keep an ear out for the famous kookaburra’s laugh when you visit Lone Pine. The laugh may be coming from our kookaburras, or our wild friends.

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