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Freshwater Crocodiles

Crocodylus johnstoni

Walked with dinosaurs

Crocodiles roamed the Earth at the same time as dinosaurs. Their characteristic snouts, strong scales, sharp teeth and webbed hind feet have remained relatively unchanged for over 200 million years.

Amphibious life

Found throughout billabongs, rivers and wetlands of Northern Australia, freshwater crocodiles have adapted to an amphibious life. They can hold their breath underwater for up to an hour and swim rapidly using their powerful tails. On land, they can move very quickly over short distances and downsloping river banks into the water.

Top of the food chain

Freshwater crocodiles are smaller than saltwater crocodiles and are recognised by their long, narrow snout. Freshwater crocodiles are ambush predators by night, feeding on insects, fish, frogs, lizards and birds.

Despite appearances, turtles and birds are more closely related to crocodiles than lizards.

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