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Bats inhabit all continents of the world, except Antarctica, and are the only true flying mammal. Australia is home to 90 different bat species. Bats belong to the order Chiroptera, and within this larger group there are two sub-orders – the Megachiroptera (Megabats) and the Microchiroptera (Microbats).

Lone Pine is home to three species of megabats; grey-headed flying-fox, black flying-fox, and little red flying-fox. Flying-foxes eat fruit and nectar, and are highly intelligent animals. Flying foxes play an important role in the dispersing of pollen and seeds, and it is estimated that a single flying-fox can spread up to 60’000 seeds in one night.

Without flying-foxes and other megabats, forests and other habitats would become genetically weak, with little plant diversity and little chance of surviving in generations to come.

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