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Barnyard Animals
Friends from the farm

Chinese Silkie Chickens

Chinese silkies are believed to have originated in Asia, although despite the name it is unclear whether it was in China, Japan or India. Silkies are docile, curious and despite their soft, delicate appearance are reasonably robust. These birds can be domesticated and can make great pets.

Guinea Pigs

The guinea pig (or cavy) is a rodent native to South America. Guinea pigs are a popular household pet as they are affectionate, social and come in a range of colours and patterns. Guinea Pigs are herbivores and eat a variety of fruits, vegetables, and grasses.

Miniature Pigs

Pigs often thought to be being lazy and dirty animals, but they are, in fact, very intelligent. Pigs have the ability to learn quickly and adapt to a variety of environmental conditions. Pigs do not have sweat glands and are therefore unable to sweat and control their body temperature during warm weather. To cool themselves down, pigs often roll in mud and dirt. Creating a layer of mud on their skin protects them from the sun as well as insect bites.

Miniature Goats

Australian miniature goats can grow up to 60cm tall. Australian miniature goats are gentle, gregarious, friendly and playful.


Sheep and goats were the first animals to be domesticated for agricultural purposes over 10,000 years ago. They are now valuable resources for food and wool. At Lone Pine we have three breeds of sheep; Merino is a wool breed, and Suffolk and Damara are meat breeds.

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